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OUR 5780 "Purim Gifts to the Poor" Campaign

This year we were able to collect $23,506 for "Our Purim Gifts to the Poor Campaign" (in 2019 we collected $20,260 & in 2018, $21,075).


100% of the money raised was distributed on Purim to ten different needy people/families - seven in greater Chicago and three in Israel. Last year, nine families received from our campaign and this year we were able to add a recipient due to all the additional donations. In addition, the average donation was larger than the ones given out last year!


One of the recipients, a 65 year-old woman who is the sole breadwinner of her family, was recently fired from her job and while leaving work she broke her foot. She shared with us how helpful it was to receive these funds at this time.   


This is the most money given since our drive was created to fulfill the rabbinic unity mitzvah of giving gifts to the poor on Purim.  

If you were a donor for this campaign thank you so much for your generosity.  And whether you were or were not, we look forward to your help with next year's campaign.

We are honored to have been able to help facilitate this mitzvah for everyone who was able to give. 

A heartfelt thank you, 

Yehuda Albin, Daniel Muskat, Baruch Tuman & Faith Newman