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Creating Shalom

Our Sages teach us that one who makes peace(shalom) between husband and wife, between one family member and another, and between one person and another will be prevented from injury.  

After commanding the Jewish people with the Ten Statements on Mount Sinai, Hashem tells Moses to tell the Jewish people the laws regarding making an Altar for offerings to Hashem. These offerings will create "shalom" between Hashem and the Jewish people. 

The stones of the Altar could not be cut using iron, a material that produces swords. The idea is that a sword that cuts and injures is incompatible with the Altar used to bring entities together in peace. 

Our Sages teach us a great lesson from the Altar. If the stones of the Altar are protected from a command of the Torah to not have iron used to "injure" them (inanimate objects), how much more will Hashem prevent damage/injury upon a person that makes "peace" between Hashem's creatures?!  

"And when you will make an Altar of stones for Me, do not build them hewn, lest you wave your sword over it and defile it." Exodus 20:22,


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