Meet The Team


Rabbi Baruch Tuman
As the newest member of our staff, he already has tens of students who testify to his warmth and scholarship. He spent over nine years in Israel studying, which culminated with his rabbinic ordination. Afterwards, Rabbi Tuman worked on college campuses with relatively disconnected Jews for three years. He is from a small town along the central coast of California, where he grew up Reform. His rabbinical education is rounded out by a BA in Political Science from U.C. Berkeley.
Rabbi Daniel Muskat
Rabbi Muskat has been with TORAHUB for ten years (and had ten years of similar work before that). His warm and caring personality, Jewish knowledge, and keen intellectual perspective on life make him a sought-after instructor. He spent over 12 years in Israel studying Torah, which culminated with his rabbinic ordination. He was born in Chicago, then raised in a traditional home in Toronto. His rabbinical education is rounded out by a BA in Business Administration.
Mrs. Faith Neuman
Mrs. Neuman is a very experienced teacher in Jewish education. She has been teaching for 25 years at the high school level to a diverse spectrum within the local community. She has a palpable love for every person she meets, which is keenly felt by those who see she is truly interested in their viewpoints. Her presentations cover Torah, Bible and some of the major commentaries. Mrs. Neuman’s informative presentations are relevant to people of all ages and backgrounds as she harnesses her knowledge to deliver material that is exciting. Mrs. Neuman is Chicago born and bred.
Rabbi Yehuda Albin 

Rabbi Albin founded The Ember Foundation.


Raised in Scarsdale, NY, in a Reform home, and educated at Bowdoin College, with BA in Chemistry & Economics, he earned his rabbinic ordination during a decade of Torah study in Jerusalem.