TORAHUB Services


Through Torahub, we are able to learn; through Torahub, we are inspired to give.

By creating a unique portfolio of Jewish learning programs and services that enrich Jewish life and perpetuate continuity within our community, we are able to reach out to bring the values of Judaism to life.


Torahub offers these learning services, which create a rich Jewish educational experience for individuals, families, groups, couples, and businesses.


Led by Rabbi Yehuda Albin, Torahub offers lifelong learning that educates, inspires, unites and gives back.

Torahub offers the following programs & services:


  • Group, family, and private instruction in the matters of Jewish life

  • Recurring Classes

    • Weekly Torah Portion

    • 613 Mitzvot (Commandments)

    • Weekly Torah Phone Conferencing Series

  • Circuit Classes

    • Haggadah

    • Basic Judaism

    • Business “Coaching” from a Torah perspective

    • Jewish Law: Practical and Theoretical

    • Marriage Enhancement and Counseling Services

    • Jewish Parenting Classes

    • Parent-Child Study Sessions

    • Private instruction in all areas

  • Home Shabbat

  • Other Services

    • Assistance in resolving ethical and personal dilemmas in business and life

    • Organization of major seminars with visiting guest speakers

    • Life-cycle officiator

    • Frequent beginners’ minyanim (prayer services) following classes upon request

    • “Weekly Torah Thought” by email

Audio Courses

Today there are many great audio programs available on the internet, however, our students may want to review something they’ve heard before or pass along a link as a sample to someone who may be interested in meeting with a Torahub instructor. Torahub has made a selection of its classes available for you to download and listen. Please enjoy them.

Weekly Torah Portion

A Torahub student and a supporter of The Ember Foundation, Rochmiel Drizen, a public attorney in downtown Chicago, adds his talent every week to our web page by scouring the internet every week for an inspiring Torah thought, which he places the final touches on to meet his exacting standards -- emailed out weekly. 

Lessons & Worksheets

Torahub has created worksheets that make its classes easy to follow. We present here an archive of those sheets in case you are listening to an audio presentation or heard a class in the past and are looking for the source sheet.


Prayer Services:



Torahub offers beginner-style prayer services if requested at its central location at 3553 W. Peterson Ave., Suite 208, Chicago, IL. At these services, Torahub discusses the meaning of our prayers, in between those moments observed in silent and responsive prayers.