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Anger Abatement

The Torah implores us to emulate Hashem in His ways. Just as He is merciful, we should be merciful. We also learn that if there is a need to express "anger" (it is rare to find examples of permissible forms of anger in Torah), this "anger" should be abated as quickly as possible. 

Psalms 30:6 - "Hashem's anger is but for a moment, His favor is for a lifetime."

In last week's Torah portion, Moses asked Hashem, "Why have You done evil to this people?", after seeing the Jewish people suffering more now that Moses had gone to Pharaoh as instructed by Hashem. 

Hashem responds to Moses with harsh language of "d'ber" (vs. "amar" which had been used sixteen times prior when speaking to Moses) and the specific name of Hashem for strict justice (Elokim). This harshness was in direct response to Moses' question.

But in the self-same verse Hashem then uses the language of softer speech "amar" paired with the name for kindness.   

 "God (Elokim) spoke (d'ber) to Moses and He said (va'yomar) to him, "I am Hashem". Exodus 6:2, from this week's Torah portion, Va'eira, Exodus 6:2-9:35  

* Based on a thought by Rabbi Elie Munk in his book, The Call of the Torah


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