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Anxiety & Rosh HaShanah

What in the world is the connection between anxiety and Rosh HaShanah? Is it just that many of us worry whether our judgment on "The Day of Judgement" will be good or not?

Actually, the theme of Rosh HaShanah, when applied property can be an actual cure for anxiety (along with medical treatments, so please indeed speak with one’s physician). It’s actually a tried and tested method.

Anxiety, almost by definition, is the fear that something or someone wants to hurt you in some way. So you worry. However, all negative and evil outcomes come from the negative spiritual realm. But G-d created that realm, too, and it ultimately derives its power from Him.

So when one finds oneself suffering anxiety, you should say over and over Adonoy hu HaElokim, ain ode milvado; Hu ma-lay o-li-may o-la-mim. (Feel free to call me, Rabbi Yehuda Albin, for the correct pronunciation at 773 251 8509.) This means, HaShem is the G-d, there is nothing else besides Him; He fills every spot in all of the universes and galaxies (loose translation).

When one does this, one reminds oneself that G-d is the sole power who rules over everything. One draws himself closer to G-d. This results in that G-d, so to speak, will protect that person because he is now under the wing of G-d.

* There are two caveats:

1) a firm belief in G-d’s existence and power;

And 2) a firm belief that if it does not work out in the end, G-d’s Will will still be accepted.

Do all this and one will feel relief because of the psychological benefit.

Oh, and the connection to Rosh HaShanah? That G-d is our King and He rules overall and can do anything. Basically, it’s the same idea as the prayer.

Based on Chaim Volozhiner in Nefesh HaChaim


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