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Don't Look Back

In the moment, it can be hard to see the hand of Hashem at work orchestrating events. But often after the fact we can begin to see His hand guiding us through time. This is "seeing" Hashem through a historical perspective.

Lot was saved from the destruction of Sodom in Abraham's merit, not his own. At the moment Lot was spared because he was living through Hashem’s salvation. Lot couldn't "see," i.e., understand, that it was Hashem in action destroying Sodom. This was reflected by the angels who told Lot, "don't look back".

"And it was when they (the angels) brought Lot out, one said, "escape for your life, don't look back . . ." Genisis 19:17. This week's Torah portion, Vayeira, Genesis 18:1-22:24

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