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Grateful Solutions

Sometimes we fail to open our eyes to what G-d has already done for us. If we could only do this we could rejoice in the wonderful blessings He has already bestowed upon us and anticipate the ones that are still to come. We are taught that G-d creates the solution before the problem arises.

When G-d talks about a blessing for the seventh year, the Hebrew grammar and musical note, on the word "I commanded", in the phrase "I have already commanded my blessing for a huge bumper crop", strongly indicate that the command for the blessing is in the past tense regarding a promise of what G-d will do. So the sense of the two verses is, "Can you ask, 'What will we do in the seventh year?'" (when) I have (already) commanded my blessing to come in the sixth year.

Whether you describe this as G-d changing nature for us or whether it's a miracle already ordered, we can be grateful for G-d's solution being made before we even have a problem.

"Will you ask???  (when) I have (already) commanded my blessing."  Leviticus 25:20-21

*Based on HaKasav v'HaKabalah


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