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Jewish Unity

The coming together of the Jewish people. Individuals yearning to connect more to their Judaism. Increased connection to Torah. Increased connection Hashem. We have been witness to an outpouring of Jewish concern and togetherness. When we stood at Har Sinai the Torah describes the Jewish people as "one people, with one heart." Unity combined with morality is eternal. Unity with a mission away from Hashem is fleeting.

The Torah describes that ten generations after Adam became a society of lawlessness and immorality. Hashem allowed time for people to return from their corrupt ways but eventually took Noah and his family in the ark and flooded the earth. The new generations post the flood again started to deteriorate morally. But this time they were "unified" in their goal. "Unified" in building a tower.

This Tower, known as the Tower of Babel, would become the sign of unification of the people in their attempt to move away from Hashem and the morality He commands. How did their efforts endure for the time that they did?

The people involved with the tower were "unified" in their efforts! However, unity away from Hashem did remain for a time until Hashem divided the once-united actors.

Unity that moves toward Hashem and adds morality to the world . . . REMAINS eternally.

"And Hashem said, Behold, one people (society after the flood), and there is one language for all of them, and this (building of the Tower to fight Hashem) is what they begin to do!" Genesis 11:6, from this week's Torah portion, Noach, Genesis 6:9-11:32


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