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Learning through Experience

Many things, and in the Torah nearly all the time, cannot be understood by a mere explanation. Living the experience, however, provides an existential explanation that "cannot be beat."

Take the mitzvah guarding Shabbat. You can explain to someone that by keeping Shabbat (working for six days and then resting) with all its halachic rules, they will put themselves in tune with G-d and the creation of the universe when you rest the way He rested after working for six days on the creation of the world.

However, only after resting that way for a few weeks will the "tuning fork" of your soul hear G-d's music and the song of creation.

For this reason, the Jewish people advanced their promise of doing to their promise to hear, when committing to the Torah.  Even though you must "hear" what to do before you "do", you still need to "do" something before you can "hear" and understand its reason.

[Israel] responded, “We will do and hear everything the Lord has said.” Exodus 24:7


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