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My Beloved Nation

"Upon perceiving a mere hint that You (Hashem) wished to draw me, we (the Jewish people) rushed with perfect faith after You into the wilderness (upon You emancipating us from Egypt)." ~ Song of Songs 1:4

This Shabbos, in addition to reading special Torah portions for the Passover holiday, we read from the book, Song of Songs, written by King Solomon. Song of Songs has been described as a love song between Hashem and His people. 

This theme of love includes Hashem splitting the Sea of Reeds when the Egyptians pursued after us. In addition to being mentioned on this Shabbos, the Splitting of the Sea is one of the main focuses of the Yom Tov that concludes Passover. 

The Splitting of Sea contained action after action on behalf of the Jewish people. The timing was miraculous - when they approached the Sea without any alternative to move further it split! We walked on dry land - when the tide of a sea normally recedes, the sand beneath is not dry! When our enemies pursued us the Sea came crashing down upon them, ultimately showing the nation beloved to Hashem! (This is to name only a few actions and themes of the Sea. The latter days of Passover are an ideal time to discuss and elaborate of the miracles of the Sea Splitting)

"To a steed in Pharaoh's chariot, I demonstrated to all that you are my beloved." Song of Songs, 1:9


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