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Rising On Their Own

Chapters Of Our Fathers Ch. 1, Mishna 1 -  ". . . you should make stand many students." If this statement is meant for us to "teach" many students, the language used is quite odd. Our sages teach us that the language was intentional to educate us that when teaching we need to provide students with enough knowledge to make it so that they can "stand" on their own with the information given. 

Moses is told to tell the nation of Israel the procedure for collecting pure oil for the lighting of the Menorah in the Mishkan/Tabernacle - the portable Temple used during our travels in the desert. There is also an odd use of language in this command. Normally when the lighting of fire is taking place we would expect the language of "l'hadleik" to kindle (like the bracha of the candle lighting before Shabbat: "l'hadleik ner shel Shabbat"). Here Hashem uses the language of "L'ha'alot"  to cause to rise. Rashi explains that the High Priest when lighting the Menorah was commanded to remain holding the lighter flame to the Menorah flames long enough that the Menorah flames were able to remain lit on their own.  

"And you [Moses] will command the children of Israel that they will take for you clear olive oil, crushed, for illumination, to light (l'ha'alot) a lamp continually." Exodus 27:20


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