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The Art of Redirection

The trait of humility, particularly as it relates to giving proper attribution to an author, and of course, to G-d, facilitates bringing the ultimate redemption.

The fact that Moshe's name is not in the Haggadah, except a reference to him as the servant of G-d is evidence that his humility was a key part of his being chosen to lead the people.  He did nothing to ascribe the redemption to himself at all.

This trait was a central part of Moshe's life as portrayed in the Torah.  According to one Medrash, Moshe convinced the daughters of Yitro that it was not he who had saved them from the other male shepherds. It was the Egyptian man he had to kill who was beating a Jew to death that saved the daughters. The Egyptian man had set off the series of events that caused Moshe to have to run away and then found himself saving them.

And it was because Moshe wanted none of the glory that G-d picked him to bring the redemption. The purpose of the Exodus was so Egypt (and the world) would know that G-d made all those miracles.

*Based on Rav Mattisyahu Solomon in Matnas Chaim


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