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The Energy for Change

One of the main paths to a successful life is the ability to reflect on past decisions, reevaluate, and recalibrate going forward.

In Jewish thought, this is called making a "Cheshbon HaNefesh", a soul-searching accounting.

While there is a concept of making such an accounting daily, for most people this level of introspection is reserved for the High Holiday season.

Occasionally, though there can be an experience that prompts a massive review allowing for a life-altering course correction.

This is why the Egyptian viceroy, who'd been acting as a cruel dictator, went completely out of character and said that he'd reviewed his actions and changed his mind to allow most of the brothers to return home . . .they,  Joseph's brothers, did so, too! The brothers made a massive life review. They concluded that they had been wrong 22 years earlier for being cruel to Joseph.

" . . . and you, go bring the grain for the hunger of your households . . .  and they did so.  And they said to one another, "Indeed, we are guilty for our brother, that we witnessed the distress of his soul when he begged us, and we did not listen." Genesis Ch 42:19-21, from this week's Torah portion, Mikeitz, Genesis 41:1-44:17


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