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The Path of the Righteous

How you talk can affect how you act. If you're thinking purely, you will hopefully act purely.

That's why Yoseph HaTzadik (The Righteous One) refused the strong advances of his master's beautiful and seductive wife - when he was around 20  years old - by saying if I do this, "I will have sinned against G-d."  He did not even deem it respectful to say if "we will have sinned," as he didn't want to pair himself with her even in a spoken sentence and even when he was only hypothetically describing their connection. Rather he ran out, after having his clothing torn from him, because due to his fear of sin, he didn't even want to be in the room with her.

Thus Yoseph earned the appellation "The Righteous One"  because avoiding sin, especially when most would not, puts you on the "right" path in life.

"And I will have sinned against G-d." Genesis 39:9


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