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Contagious Gratitude

Gratitude is inspiring and contagious. When we hear someone expressing thanks for one of life's many miracles, we should be inspired to look for and find the miracles, large and small, and blessings in our own lives. If we are saved from a dangerous, or other trying situation we should let others know about it, inspiring them in turn.

In Temple times if you were saved from a dangerous situation such as life-threatening illness or captivity there was a special thanksgiving offering to bring. This would be served at a festive meal allowing the one saved from danger to recount his story and give public thanks to Hashem.  

Ideally, he should spread the story as much as possible to inspire as many others as possible.

That's why the thanksgiving offering, though one of the largest offerings food-wise, had the shortest time to be eaten. This ensured a large crowd was invited to the festive meal to finish all the food in the allotted time.  

"And the meat of his thanksgiving offering shall be eaten on the day it is offered; he shall not leave any of it over until morning." Leviticus 7:15


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