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Open & Hidden Miracles and Explainable Events

Purim is the hidden hand of G-d and hidden miracles. It represents the transition from the revealed hand of G-d and open miracles.  This transition was felt clearly by Mordechai who guided the Jews of his time through their feelings about what happened to them.

First, the war in the provinces took place with these people viewing the 75,000 enemies who were killed in one day while attacking them as an open miracle. And why not? There may have never been a bigger death toll in a single day of war history. In fact, they made it into a Yom Tov for permanent celebration signifying they had experienced an open miracle.

In contrast to this, only several hundred were killed in Shushan, the capital city, across two days, with nobody attacking them because the government had sided with the Jews. This was viewed as a natural battle; it was not viewed as being miraculous in any way. They only celebrated that year since there was no miracle to commemorate.

Mordechai told both groups they were wrong. The "Suburban Jews" were religious "fanatics," and while they were right to celebrate every year, it did not deserve to be called a permanent Yom Tov because theirs was also ONLY a hidden miracle. They still had to fight the battle.

He told the "city Jews", the "heretics," don't think their victory was due to purely explainable historical and military causes. Rather it was also a miracle, just the hidden variety, and thus you must celebrate it every year even though it's not a Yom Tov.


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