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Turning On A Dime

True greatness is being able to admit you are wrong while pivoting instantaneously to a new position. This is especially true when it's been a lifelong position that one has held and is publicly known or known at least it was known by one's family.

Isaac had been insisting for several decades that Esav could successfully partner with Jacob. Isaac was Esav's number one supporter, despite the fact that his wife Rebecca felt Esav would never work with Jaacob. It was truly amazing that Isaac changed his mind in a flash. This happened when he realized that if Jacob had tricked him, then it must be that Esav had been tricking him all those years. He responded with confusion, yet he then confidently and assuredly blessed Jacob from that point on knowing Rebecca was right.

"Who -- where -- is the one who hunted game, brought it to me... and I blessed him?  Indeed he will be blessed (now)!"  Genesis 27:33, from this week's Torah portion, Genesis 25:19-28:9


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